Genealogy/ Family History

An Atkeson family history written in 1900 in two parts 
(Pop-pop is one year old!) 
these two files are about 800kb each so they will take a while to load

part 1 (you can save these files on your own computer for later viewing. Fit page to width of screen to be able to read)
part 2

A continuation of the Atkeson line from Pop-pop Atkeson's parents to us (1981)

A picture of the Meade family genealogy (This is a large jpg file) can anyone figure out where we fit in?

A 35 page history of the Grasselli Chemical exploits here in the US. It makes for an interesting case study in business.
(Again, even when divided into two parts, these are large 1.4MB pdf files. Save them to your hard drive before trying to read or print them) part 1, part2

A history of the base at Guantanamo Bay right before Pop-pop took over as commander (He is mentioned)

Obituaries for Pop-pop and Mom-mom Atkeson

Other Atkeson's on the Web

Evidence (contrary to popular belief) that the name Atkeson goes back as far as 1596

An interesting site with an Atkeson family tree (search Atkeson)

The Oregon Photographer Ray Atkeson

Some Atkesons in Oregon get into legal trouble (not for children)

Some weird puppet related stuff by a John C. Atkeson

Check out what an Ed Atkeson has to say! (and Stardust Atkeson), He now has a puppet show with Stardust, And a profile of him

A Darvin Atkeson is part of the Boston Ring (as in the band Boston)

A review of a novel by Daphne Atkeson

A Rick Atkeson does Accounting software

Find Meek Atkeson on this page

Did you know that a Dale Atkeson played for the Redskins in the 1950's?
You can purchase his Topps football card at this site

Notice that a Nancy Atkeson McClung was the first homecoming queen at Morris Harvey College in Barboursville in 1937-38 (its nice to know that somebody in the family is good looking) But then I find out that a Thomas Clark Atkeson is president of a related college

A William Oscar Atkeson was a congressman from Missouri